The Manage page is your video gallery of all recorded sessions. Here you'll be able to view, upload, download, edit and delete your recorded session.


  • As recordings are being uploaded to your selected cloud provider their corresponding tags will act as a progress bar when viewing the media session via the Manage page. Additionally, if you navigate to the Dashboard page you'll see the upload status here as well.



You can re-upload any recording from the Manage page by clicking on the cloud upload buttonfor that particular session. This will open up the Publish Media form where you'll select your cloud provider and enter any details needed and click the Publish button.  

Here are some reasons you would need to republish:

  • You accidentally recorded with a template that did not have automatic publishing configured.
  • You want to publish to a different cloud provider than previously configured.
  • Power loss occurred while in the middle of publishing.
  • You are having network issues and are unable to publish for several minutes or hours. Eventually after so many attempts our system will timeout and cancel publishing.
  • Your cloud provider is having issues on their end.



To download a recording hover on the Download icon  for that particular session. This will open up a list of the videos in that session and you simply select the video you want to download.



You can delete your recorded session by simply clicking on the Trashcan icon  for that particular session. This will bring up a small confirmation page. Click Yes to delete the recording, or click No to abort. 

  • BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU DELETE RECORDINGS! Once the recordings are deleted they are gone FOREVER! 


To the right of each capture session is a horizontal More Options menu icon. 

  • Clicking this will display the following options:
    • Edit Info:    This will allow you to rename the recorded session.
    • Visualize:    Debugging tool which represents how CaptureCast performs a recording. Allows you to view, edit, and debug each component.
    • Media package JSON:    Debugging tool which represents a complete, recorded session.
    • Analyze Media:    Debugging tools which inspect contents of media files within a recorded session.
    • Download Logs:    This option downloads all the logs associated with this particular recorded session. Make sure to download and include these logs in your trouble ticket that you submit to Cattura Support (this will speed up the troubleshooting process).